Is it worth betting live before the end of the game?

There are sports where the winner is usually not known until the last minute. In many of them, scores are regularly given shortly before the end, but there is no stoppage time in handball or ice hockey.

 In soccer, this can be up to 5 minutes, depending on the length of stoppages in play that always happen, if a player is injured, changes and depending on the referee’s form on the day. 

If we talk about soccer, then there we can say that the most unpredictable can happen. If you are a soccer fan a lot of things can happen, even after the 90th minute. So does it make sense to place live bets shortly before the end? You already know the answer, right?

Yes, even if you’re still undecided, betting live does make sense! Fortunately, it occasionally happens that a less attentive bookmaker gets distracted shortly before the end of the game, for example, from the 82nd or 85th minute, and no longer adjusts the betting odds.

If a betting rate of 1.05 or even 1.10 remains on the clearly leading team, this can be used as a betting opportunity by attentive sports bettors! Even shortly before the end of live betting! 

Unfortunately, there are only decent winnings here if the stakes are high as a result. If the bet is too high, it can, unfortunately, happen that the bookmaker is in “alert mode” again and that such errors will no longer happen again.

Live betting just before the end: what could happen?

While the bookmaker has already put his body in sleep mode or is already packing his things for the night, observant bettors have the opportunity to clear something up again. How exactly could that look in detail?

86th minute of play: Team A is already leading with a 3-1 goal difference against Team B, when a 3-way bet on Team A winning is still playable at odds of 1.05. Obviously, the bookmaker loses out here, which can prove to be a lucky break for the player. You may not win a large amount, but you can simply take a chance and bet higher amounts. 

If the game ends in a draw and the bet placed shortly before the official end of the game is lost. Such a scenario would be the worst-case scenario, but, of course, it is possible to happen. 

A good anticipation is useful for live betting

In the case of live betting, the odds are adapted to the current course of a sporting event at very short intervals. Most live betting fans only place their bets after the odds have been adjusted, which offers great profit potential.

It is much better to place the bet before the odds change. Good anticipation is required here, i.e. the sports betting fan must intuitively guess which odds will change in which direction.

 That sounds a bit like magic, but in reality, it is not. This anticipation strategy works optimally in combination with a live broadcast. 

For example, if you watch a soccer match and have enough specialized knowledge, you can often see before a match starts that the current score does not match the current balance of power.

Focus on a single live stream brings success

Many live betting fans watch half a dozen different events at the same time to place as many bets as possible. 

From our point of view, this is not an optimal strategy, because it is simply not possible to follow all the games closely. It makes much more sense to select a single game and then place live bets very actively. 

In a normal soccer game, there are many ways to place bets, and that is why it is completely sufficient to have only one game for a live betting session. So you should Plan. This game should be broadcast live on TV or by the bookmaker through a live stream.

 Only then it is possible to react early to the events of the game. A little courage is always required in an anticipation strategy because there is no guarantee that impressions will be confirmed. 

For example, it happens again and again that the best team loses. That is why good money management is just as important as a sensible selection of live bets.

Always prefer small stakes in live betting

The reality is that there are no sure odds in live betting or other sports betting, however, many beginners put a lot at stake in live betting to benefit from supposedly safe opportunities. 

Every live betting has a risk and, due to the high speed of live betting, the risk is to some extent even higher than with classic sports betting. 

All bookmakers in our bookmaker comparison that offer live betting allow relatively small bets.

 The customer does not have to give more than $1 to a single bookmaker. Much more would not necessarily make sense, because small bets keep the risk per bet at a reasonable minimum. 

It would even make sense to bet even less than $1 per bet. When there is a large budget, it is better to place many different bets to spread the risk appropriately.

 With live betting, there are so many different betting options that, from a strategic point of view, it is not necessary to concentrate all the betting on one bet. 

This is also one of the great advantages of live betting and certainly a major reason why live betting is so much fun.

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