Our Tailor Made Solutions

The one thing everyone gets is a redundant, solid technological backbone. Our uptime has historically been 99.78% over 23 years and the past 10 years we are undefeated!

Everything else can be tailored to your specific needs. Our proprietary software solution is available for your bettors to use. We can demo the different software platforms and you can choose which one best accommodates your players.

The software is customizable and you can create different betting profiles for different betting experiences. Who knows your players better than you do? Who knows your agents better than you do?

With our service you’ll never hear the old, “I like that other site better than this!”.

Our graphics department can develop a customized site that caters best to your clients’ market, sports appetite, and geographic location. You name it and we can develop it..


Our software option is available immediately. Remember at PerHead247 we are all about creating a customized experience. No other PerHead service offers as many options as we do!

Easy to use sports interface.

Optional Live Casino for your Players.

Agent Site.

Ultimate All In One  Live betting inferface.

Over 20+ Virtual Casino games included in.

Optional Prop Builder. Build your own props and offer your players variety.

Mega Live betting interface. Real time betting on a variety of sports.

Real time horse betting. Bet on all the major horse tracks in the world.

Added value

Our Tailor Made Solutions

Our software option is available immediately. Remember at PerHead247 we are all about creating a customized experience. No other PerHead service offers as many options as we do!


At PerHead247 we offer a proprietary software solution that offers a range of functions and options for our clients and their players. Every option also has a mobile betting page so that you are only a phone away from the action!


At PerHead247 you will have access to a suite of reports on all aspects of your business. This will help you to get detailed information on aspects such as player wagers and history, wins and losses, credit limits and much more. This information can then be used to improve your business.

Lines And Profiles

When you use PerHead247 com you will find that there are multiple line types and profiles available to ensure you have an edge. In addition, if you would like to see a line type or a profile that is not currently available, there is the ability to add more. This ability to customize allows you to offer the service that best suits you and your customers.

Reliability and perfomance

PerHead247 is a Tier 1 operation! We operate under technological standards that would make a Fortune 500 company blush we have multiple redundancies built in as well as top of the line DDOS protection and data backup.

global sports market

PerHead247 offers a much wider range of choices and options for players than they would have had access to through their local bookie. With our Global Sports Market you are now able to offer sports and sporting events from around the world. Why limit your self to US sports when you can offer any and every sport available.