Xavien Howard ask the Dolphins for a better contract


Xavien Howard, quien milita en la Liga de Fútbol Americano con los Miami Dolphins , expresó que está completamente descontento con el contrato que le han ofrecido.

Por lo tanto, el contrato de este jugador es realmente un dilema. Howard no está de acuerdo con lo que ofrece el equipo y duda que siga con ellos.

¿Qué va a pasar con Howard ? Todo depende de lo que decidan los Dolphins en los próximos días.

¿Quién es Xavien Howard y cuál es su posición con los Dolphins? 

Xavien Howard NFL es un gran deportista. Juega en la posición de esquinero desde 2016 con los Dolphins.

Nació el 4 de julio de 1993 en Houston Texas, por lo que ahora tiene 28 años. Estudió en Wheatley High School, donde jugó fútbol americano con el gran esquinero William Jackson III. A partir de aquí, desarrolló habilidades especiales como esquinero.

A partir de entonces, fue a la Universidad de Baylor y continuó jugando al fútbol de 2012 a 2015, generando muchas tacleadas. Los exploradores expertos del Draft estaban observando su desempeño. Entonces, el 18 de mayo de 2016 , lo seleccionaron para los Dolphins.

Luego, firmó un contrato con los Delfines por cuatro años y 6,12 millones de dólares, con 3,83 millones de dólares garantizados, además de 2,65 millones de dólares como bono extra.

Cuando estuvo con los Dolphins, compitió con Tony Lippett para convertirse en el titular de esquina y, en 2017, se convirtió en el titular de esquina número uno del equipo.



En 2019, Xavien Howard firmó una extensión de contrato con los Dolphins por cinco años más, pero ahora siente que el equipo no lo valora.

¿Por qué Xavien Howard siente que los Dolphins no lo valoran? 

Howard expresó sus sentimientos el martes de esta semana. Cree que no están considerando su valor, afirmó:

“No me siento ni valorado ni respetado por los Dolphins. Como ellos podían dar prioridad a su negocio, yo también puedo”. Se puede notar mucha frustración en los pensamientos del jugador, debido al pago que gana.

Xavien Howard has proved to have a great talent and he has exceeded his achievements, becoming the best cornerback in the team. This situation has him out off base.

The Miami Dolphins know that they have a high quality player, with outstanding abilities to intercept and pressure the other team, neither they value him as a good athlete nor they are willing to reach an agreement.

Therefore, there are many rumors about what’s going to happen to the Dolphinsgreat star.

What’s the problem of Xavien Howard’s contract with the Dolphins? 

Xavien Howard’s contract was signed in 2019 for a period of five years and a total of 75 million dollars, and this placed him as the best paid NFL’s cornerback of the season.

However, the 12 million dollars of salary is not guaranteed for 2021, in spite of his excel talent. He has achieved 10 interceptions and he has having great performances. That´s the reason he was called to participate in the Pro Bowl.

Xavien Howard’s contract is placed as number 6 in the annual average, so he had to change his agent in order to revalue it.

Howard said that he considered being one of the best cornerbacks and regardless he was the second best paid.

Would he stay or go from the team? 

Fans are looking forward to what is going to happen with Xavien Howard and the Dolphins as this player does not agree being the second best paid. Due to his talent, he deserves something better.

Days after, he wrote his feelings on his Instagram account, he also requested a trade with the team through this media.

Xavien Howard had a short 3 minutes’ interview with the Dolphins after he had an undisclosed injury on his ankle that caused him to exit from the Friday practice.

After the interview, he felt that the Miami Dolphins are willing to reconsider their decision, and he said that all depend on them; therefore, fans and everybody would have to wait for the conclusion that the team will take related to Howard.

At the moment, Howard leaves the doors open to solving the current problems, so it is hoped that the Dolphins would come up with a solution that be favorable for the player and for them.

What does Howard and his agent propose to the Dolphins? 

Howard and David Canter, who is his current agent, proposed the Miami Dolphins to reinforce the 2019 contract’s guarantees on the 2021 contract. They also can move future money amounts to the 2021 contract; anyhow, the Dolphins have not accepted any of the player and his agent’s proposals.

Due to the Dolphins negative to attend Howard’s needs, he has thought about been traded, but there are no rumors of who could receive such a first line player.

Nonetheless, the coach Brian Flores expects that the team maintain negotiations with the star player, to be able to count on him for the coming seasons.

It is useful to remember that Howard is one of the best cornerbacks that the Miami Dolphins have ever had with a total of 22 interceptions since 2016, that’s why he is in the second position after player Marcus Peters.

What will Xavien Howard do while he awaits his contract discussion? 

While the Miami Dolphins discuss and make decisions about his contract, he will continue playing with the team as a professional he is, and to avoid any fines, he would attend all of his commitments.

Xavien Howard also said that he had given all for his team, and he also consider his mates as family, but he has learned that business with the NFL is another thing, because they do not value what the players do.

De todos modos, espera que los Miami Dolphins decidan lo antes posible con un gran contrato, y pueda seguir jugando con su gran equipo y compañeros de trabajo.