How to Get Started in Betting and not dying in the process

Sport betting is something weird, because not everybody has the same perspective. On one side, we have people who wagers in sportsbooks every Sunday hoping to earn something, and never do it. On the other hand, you have the full-time people who wagers every team at the same time.

But is sport betting simply a waste of time? Is it something else? Is sport betting bad?

For all you beginners, we will honestly answer all of these questions, we are not telling you to bet. You will find useful information from experience gamblers on what betting is really like.

Is betting something bad?

Although in some states gambling is still illegal, there are many states where you can gamble normally, and this is most of them. However, we recommend that you consult the law depending the state you live in before trying.

There are many stories and false belief about betting, but the truth is that it can be a fun activity in certain groups. Many people simply bet for amusement, which is great, as it is small amounts and you are with friends.

Even if you take betting seriously, as many people do, it doesn’t necessarily lead to addiction. So, you can bet and keep it fun, just like drinking alcohol, with responsibility and knowing your limits.

This is the first, and probably most important advice for beginners, be responsible. Unless you are a professional gambler, just wager sums that you can allow yourself to lose, and accept defeat when it comes. But exceeding in gambling has its consequences, just as exceeding in any other thing in the world, it should be bad.

But betting is a fun activity that you can enjoy as any other leisure activity, gambling is not a way to make money. There is people who pays rent with gambling, but these are professionals. Professionals who already had a long time gambling before they even thought they could make money gambling.

Where can I start betting?

When you talk about betting, there are many kinds of bet, and many different places where you can bet. Are you interested in sports betting? Online stakes? Casino games? There are many options, but we will recommend which are best for beginners.

Always remember to gamble safely and responsibly, and don’t ever use false information to go into online gambling websites.

Online Poker

Poker is one of the most famous sports to bet on, and some of the most fun too. There are many sites where you can play Poker and place bets with real money, like BetOnline Poker, PokerStars or Ignition Poker.

You will have to create an account and start playing and place some bets on yourself. Remember that playing poker is an art, if you are not so good playing poker you should avoid placing hard bets.

In the case of BetOnline poker is one of the best for you, it is nice, con so complicated to play here, and the level is average. So, if you are interested on betting, you should check that right away.

Sports Betting

If you are interested in something more passive, not necessarily involving you playing, you can go with sport betting. You can do this online, or you can also go to a sportsbook and wager, which could be more fun.

Sport betting consists in wagering for you preferred team in any sport, like golf, football, baseball, basketball, and more. All you do is placing your bet and watch the game, if your team wins, you win the bet, if not, you know what happens.

Many people find it enjoyable, and you watch the game enjoying some good drinks and food in the sportsbook. Sure there are a couple of rules that you should know before start placing bets, but they are really easy to understand.

The good thing about this is that no one can possibly control the odds, it’s impossible to cheat.


Another fun option for beginners are casinos, where you have access to a lot of games, with real money involved. Going into a casino can be a lot of fun, you can also go in an online casino. Nonetheless, if you decide to go in an online casino, you should be really careful with the site you pick.

We recommend you check reviews of the casinos first, and then go on to play. Once again, the games are mostly intuitive, don’t even require most attention, just go and have a good time.  They are mostly dice games, based on pure luck, make sure to read the rules of the site before getting into it.

Is gambling a waste of money?

It’s incredible this is a really usual question on the internet, and I will tell you this: Yes, it is a waste of money. Remember that gambling, sports betting or poker should be leisure activities.

If you start seeing them as a way to make profit, you will eventually get in trouble. Never take it to something beyond that, there are more, and better ways, to make money that not necessarily involve gambling.

But if you simply consider it as an entertainment activity is not a waste of money, because it’s your way to have fun.

What is the safest sport to bet?

The best sport you can bet is simply the sport you like and know the most. If you are familiar with the teams and are someone who likes to watch the games, you will have certain references.

Sometimes, this can be a useful previous knowledge that can help you win the bet. But if you get into gambling with a sport you utterly don’t know, you will have trouble at the beginning, for sure.

Just stick to what you know, and remember to always keep it fun and enjoyable, that way if you lose, you are still winning.

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