Pay Per Head: The Exciting Way to Bet!

Live betting has experienced a veritable boom in recent years and has become an integral part of the betting providers’ programs. You can expect numerous sports, high odds, attractive bonus offers and live streams. 

If we compare the different sports betting live providers and filtered out the best bookmakers for you.

In addition, you will learn everything worth knowing about the exciting thrill of in-play betting on this page.

If you want to get started right away, we can recommend our website and we bet you’re going to get a great experience in live betting.

We see the fast development in the entire sports betting industry particularly clearly in live sports betting. Not so long ago, these led a rather shadowy existence and some bookmakers even completely waived odds during the current games.

 Especially due to the rise of mobile technologies and technical innovations, however, the tide has completely turned.

Meanwhile, live betting in USA has already overtaken pre-match betting in terms of both turnover and popularity. Many bookmakers offer you a very good offer these days. 

As you can see, the best betting providers for live betting in USA leave nothing to be desired. 

You are spoilt for choice from up to over two dozen sports with top odds of over 95%. As a special highlight, you can even expect free live streams from some providers. Thanks to an extensive mobile offering, the moving images, like all other functions, can also be used on the go.

Special Bonus? How do live betting work?

In addition to the special bonus promotions for live games, you as a new customer also have a lucrative welcome offer. In the following sections, we will go into the individual categories in more detail. First, however, we first explain how real-time betting works.


You’re going to know about how live betting works with the individual sections Research and Analysis, Match Tracking, Placing Live Bets and Getting Winnings. Speaking of live bets, this refers to tips that are given during the ongoing games. 

So it’s all bets that are placed after the kick-off at football, after the first serve at tennis, after the start of a Formula 1 race or after the gong for the first round at boxing.

In addition to the traditional pre-match bets, i.e. the predictions on the games before the start of the events, the in-play bets allow you to react directly to the current game events. 

The odds are adapted to the respective course of the game in a matter of seconds.

With the offered live streams and numerous current statistics, you are always up-to-date. With the right analysis and the appropriate instinct, you let your knowledge flow into the corresponding bet and can then look forward to a win in the event of success. 


Get Fun with live sports betting

While we often wait months for the evaluation of the tips for long-term bets, it looks quite different with the sports betting live. These are frequently decided after just a few minutes, and thus offer a very special thrill. 

However, many other reasons also contribute to the great popularity of live betting in the USA, which we summarize for you in the following overview.

Special excitement and adrenaline promises to follow the games with the help of the offered streams. Especially from football and tennis, the pictures are available to you around the clock. 

Thanks to the apps for smartphone and tablet, you have the opportunity to give your tips in the pub or on the bus or even from the comfort of your own couch.


Live bonus promotions increase your chances of winning. When it comes to in-play betting, speed is particularly important. During the games, you don’t have time for extensive research.

 Instead, intuition and expert knowledge are required here. But don’t worry, even with the in-play bets, no champion has yet fallen from the sky. Only by gaining intensive experience trains your instinct for placing the tips at the right moment.

Some aspects to consider before making live sport bets

You should consider some aspects such as: How many sports are there to choose from? Which tournaments and leagues are in the program? What are the different betting markets?

 A wide selection of bet types increases your possibilities and thus increases the chances of winning.

But what good are countless sports and betting markets if they only have a below-average odds level? Not much, accordingly we dedicate ourselves in an extra chapter to the live betting odds.

But hold on! Not only high odds promise big profits, but with lucrative bonus offers these can even be increased. We explain the various offers and present you the live betting providers, which convince with regular bonus promotions in the real-time sector.

Since more and more betting enthusiasts submit their tips via smartphone or tablet, it is particularly important to take this development into account with a modern and user-friendly app.

We want to guide you about the different sports on which you can give your tips. With the best bookmakers for live betting, you have almost all disciplines to choose from, which are already quoted in the pre-match area. 

So at the top providers in the in-play sector not only football, tennis, basketball are waiting for you, but also rather exotic sports such as sailing or even chess.

In general, for technical reasons alone, not all events from the “normal” program are also offered as live sports betting. Nevertheless, all popular and significant events are provided with live betting odds. 

There is also the opposite way. For example, some bookmakers supplement their program with various games that are only betable during the duels, but not before the start of the game.

This ensures that you have the opportunity to submit your tips around the clock every day. Well, after this useful information don’t stop and dive into the world of live betting!

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